Album: Lara Fabian Papillon (ZIP)

Album Lara Fabian Papillon ZIP

Album Lara Fabian Papillon ZIP

Canadian-Belgian singer Lara Sophie better known has Lara Fabian can’t be denied the fact that she is a legend with over 20million records sold worldwide as of 2017 and to add to that record she finally unleash the much anticipated Papillon album.

Lara has been concentrating on Belgium audience, delivering most of her songs in French including the new 11-track solo Papillon album.

Track list:

01. Papillon
02. Je suis à toi 03. Changer le jeu
04. Par amour
05. Je ne t’aime plus
06. Alien
07. Pardonne
08. Superman
09. Sans ton amour
10. L’animal
11. Alcyon

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