The Game Urges Cardi B To Make Up With Offset

The Game

The Game decides to offer his own piece concerning the breakup issues of Cardi B and her estranged husband Offset, the rapper personally recorded a clip of himself asking them to come back together.

He shared the clip on instagram saying “This message is for Cardi B in my n-gga Offset’s defense,” the rapper began. “I really feel like y’all need to get back together. I feel like y’all a family unit. Y’all got a beautiful, beautiful, brand new baby…it’s the holidays…Y’all can’t break up, man.”.

He further added, defending offset and comparing both of them to Jay-Z and Beyonce “We’re all guilty of entertaining women, texting women, but he didn’t do it. He didn’t go through with it…It’s the holiday season and Cardi B without Offset is like Jay-Z without Beyonce. Y’all a unit…I got love for yall…I want to see Cardi B and Offset back on my Instagram immediately.”

Since Cardi B had announce her break up, fans and a lot of friends, including Offset himself has been pleading to have him back but Cardi is yet to yield to their plead

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